01. History

Eugène III Champagne house

Baroville, village in the Champagne region, head office of the brand Eugène III, is less than 10 km from the Abbey of Clairvaux.
Daily life in Champagne is soaked in the history of the Cistercian Monks…. The vines were planted in the XII Century by the Monks of the Abbey, and St Bernard, founder of the Abbey of Clairvaux, even built some of the Champagne cellars in 1152.

The vineyard

The vineyards are spread out over 127 hectares around Arconville, Arsonval, Baroville, Fontaine, Montier en L’Isle, Proverville, Rouvres les Vignes, Trannes.
The grapes : Pinot Noir 90 % - Chardonnay 10 %

The history of Eugène III

Eugène III was a Monk from the Clairvaux Abbey, disciple and friend of his thought leader Bernard de Clairvaux, founder of the abbey mentioned above.
(Bernardo Paganelli di Montemagno), born in Pisa towards the end of the years 1080 and died in Tivoli on 8th July 1153, he was Pope from 1145 to 1153.

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